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[Mailbox/IC Contact]

Taped to the front of the mailbox, in the neat script of a completely different resident, is a short note addressed to any resident attempting to leave something in the box:

Ruler is learning to read; as such, all written letters will also be read by Princess Zelda. Utmost confidentiality is assured.
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given on the 15th

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[Ruler just gets told to meet Zelda in the women's bathing room when she is able. :|b]
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[Charred pieces of wood. Ruler will instinctively know by looking that they are the remains of her execution pyre.]
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[This was delivered to Zelda's mailbox and addressed to both, as Arturia knows Zelda will read it anyway.

What does turn up by itself in Ruler's mailbox is a crown of flowers Arturia made.]

Thank you for being such good allies. I apologize for my selfishness over the last few weeks. It will not happen again and I am now ready to stand by your sides once more in defending the people of the Tower.
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forward-dated to the 14th because i'm too excited

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[Ruler would be unlikely to recognise the physical appearance of the handwriting, even if she could read it; it's painfully neat, with narrow letters and a little bit of tasteful flourish every now and then. However, it will be familiar to Zelda.]


I am not a fearful man and I do not intend to be cowed by any such person. However, I will take care to exercise caution.

I thank you for your consideration in giving me this warning. If you require anything, I shall do my best to provide assistance in return.

- England

[Just below his signature is a small illustration of a flag that Ruler might have seen in her first life.]
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Ma Chère Jeanne,

I discovered today that we may send each other missives. I do not know if you will be able to read this, but I hope it will be so. I am sure you are not expecting that I could be patient enough to sit down and write! What a miracle it is. I was never a writer or a reader when you knew me, but after the war, I put on a splendid play about Orléans and our siege! I wish you could have seen it.

You will be pleased to know that I made the acquaintance of a young girl, and we sang together, and all was well. Judas accompanied us.

Today, I was overjoyed to be reunited with my Master Ryuunosuke! He is the best and most understanding of men, and I think to myself that I must be the luckiest of creatures in God's creation, to have both Ryuunosuke and you at my side.

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[This will be in Zelda's mailbox, as Arturia knows Zelda reads Ruler's mail anyway and it is addressed to both.]

Zelda, Ruler,

There is a being here from one of the Grail Wars I participated in. This man is a madman who has tortured and mutilated children for his black magic. I managed to defeat him in the Grail War, but that was when I had my other sword and was a proper Servant: neither of which I can claim here.

He thinks I am Jeanne D'arc, la Pucelle d'Orléans, despite my protests and the fact she was born nearly a millenia after I. He is a complete madman and must be stopped. If you see a man with bulging eyes, do your best to subdue him. He claims he has met another Jeanne here and I am trying to find that person. I know not if she is Jeanne or another he has deluded himself into believing is her, but she needs to be found before he begins to make 'sacrifices' in 'her' name.

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[Gilles still hasn't noticed the sign about Zelda, but it wouldn't really change his letter-writing regardless.]

My Chère Jeanne,

I was invited to a party, and I did attend, but I was accosted by those who maligned me, because they wish me to fail. The world is cruel! I am sure they would like nothing better than to abuse and imprison me, but true to my word, I have done no wrong, to them or any other. Yet they anger me! Jeanne, give me the strength to withstand this test.

In happier news, I have met a group of wonderful new friends! They are very dear and very charming. I believe they accept me as one of their number, as they called me both useful and sane. I am helping them with research on our magical blood, which I have heard will help all the dear people of the Tower. I know you may disapprove of alchemy, as it was against the teachings of the church, but I have long been interested in it, and it can do no harm to use it in this fashion. I am sure I am already doing more to help than these other persons I will not name.

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backdated to the 14th oops

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[France's handwriting is less elegant than usual, and his words lack the luster they usually came with.]


Thank you for the warning. I very much appreciate it. Unfortunately, I am aware of the man you speak of. I will take care not to reveal myself to him.

Please do not put yourself in a situation where you might get hurt.

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Ma Chère Jeanne,

I see now that there is someone else reading your letters! How kind of her, for I worried that it would not be possible for you to read them. My heart is set at ease. Merci, ma jolie princesse! You have my gratitude! You may consider yourself a friend of Gilles de Rais. How tragic is it that the greatest woman of our age was unlettered! You see, I think of such things.

Jeanne, I have wonderful news! I have fallen in love! Surely there can be no emotion more great, more blessed by God. To think that my vicious and cruel heart could know such tenderness yet again. I do not know if my feelings will be requited, but I have written a poem! If not so fine as the play I once wrote for you. I pray you will not judge me for the nature of my love, as it is one that in our time, I would have been killed for! The Church charged me with it! I know I am a sinner all through, but forgive me please, Jeanne. Know that I will never cease to love you and your virtue with all my heart! You are my radiant shining beacon, the queen of my soul! I will do as you command me.

I have undertaken a quest, and that is to find love for my dear Judas. You would like him very much, Jeanne. He is tender and small, like a boy, and he is as gentle as a lamb. He truly believes that I will be a good person again! When I learned that he had never been in love, I knew I must take action! To make him happy. That is what a good person would do, is it not?

I try, very hard, to be good, Jeanne, but I have always this endless hunger for beauty. When I see it, I want to possess it, to take it apart! My suffering, it is great. I only wish you could understand, Jeanne! There is so much I would like to tell you, but I do not think I should write it in a letter.

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A Letter Appears! Command?

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[The writing is neat, precise, and elegant. Whoever wrote it has a tendency to put a little loop anywhere he possibly can; it's vaguely calligraphic looking and fairly pretty.]

Jeanne of Unknown Title
(and Your Grace, Princess Zelda, who reads this to you,)

Greetings! Please forgive my ignorance of your proper titles and means of address; I am uncertain what the proper manner is to address a Saint.

It has come to my attention that we have a common acquaintance in a man by the name of Gilles de Rais. He has spoken at length of your encouragement to him to attempt to become better than he has been in the past, and I have given my word that I would do my best to assist in this endeavor.

As it seems we have a common goal, might we be able to assist each other in this matter? I would like to speak to you in person about it, as you know our mutual friend far better than I do and I find this task fairly daunting. I have no objections to Her Royal Highness also accompanying, if her translation is required.

If this is unlikely or unwelcome, impersonal correspondence will also be gratefully accepted; my box like this one is numbered 7777.

May your day be pleasant.

In Sincerity,
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[this note is in lots of colourful crayons, in handwriting which is childish but neat.]

deer everyone

i am riting a book on all the heros of the tower so that no one gets forgotted. but i dont know everyone and i dont want anyone to be missed out

so if you would like to can you please say who you fink is the best hero you know and what makes them a hero

you can do more than one name if you want

please send yore answers to romeo

or to room number two on floor one

thank you


[There are pictures at the end of smiling faces]
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Letter, of course

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Reno has asked for our aid in maintaining a stock of food for the tower. He needs anyone who can hunt, gather, cook, preserve foods, and move game. If you're interested, please contact him by attaching a note to the door of or inside room 1-04.

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delivered on April 2nd

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[A pink-red flower surrounded by a few smaller yellow ones and tied together with a thin piece of twine nicked from the workshop. Ruler might have seen similar ones in the meadows and gardens (though she won't have a name for them), but these have been meticulously taken care of in a way that suggests they did not come from somewhere so 'wild.'

There is a note underneath is all, though there are no words inscribed. Only a followed by the symbol of the Triforce.

Hopefully she can understand the meaning and the sender from that alone.]