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2030-01-30 12:58 pm
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HMD/Mun Contact

Do you like my Jeanne? Do you hate my Jeanne? Do you have any comments at all on my roleplaying? Say so here! Anon is on, IP logging is off, and all that jazz. If you'd like to contact me in private, feel free to PM this journal or one of the following:

Personal Journal: [personal profile] kiyuubey
Plurk: [ profile] Kiyuukins
AIM: Kiyuukins
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2030-01-16 11:27 pm

[Mailbox/IC Contact]

Taped to the front of the mailbox, in the neat script of a completely different resident, is a short note addressed to any resident attempting to leave something in the box:

Ruler is learning to read; as such, all written letters will also be read by Princess Zelda. Utmost confidentiality is assured.