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Dream writeups for [community profile] towerofanimus player plot

Details for dreams and nightmares involved in this player plot. Please note that there are spoilers for Fate/Zero in the final dream.

Visions: A very simple dream. A beautiful, open field under a cloudless blue sky. A vision that seems like it clearly came out of a dream, but no, it's a real place. Jeanne is twelve years old here, a tiny girl with her long blonde hair even instead of mostly chopped off. She's alone, standing in the middle of the field.

But... Is she really alone? If anyone wanders into this dream, they'll notice a sort of... shimmering. Like the sunlight is condensing in front of her or something. The light seems to form three separate figures, each taller than Jeanne, but each still vaguely human-shaped....
Themes: awe, faith, beginning of a journey

Siege of Orléans: Full details here. This was Jeanne's first battle, and brought her immediate fame in the French military. For half a year, France and England had been fighting over Orléans, a city of vital strategic value to both sides. When Jeanne arrived and assumed command of the French forces, she was able to liberate the city in a mere nine days.

As this is a major battle, chaotic would be a good way to describe the dream. It's the last major skirmish, the taking of Boulevart-Tourelles. Even after suffering a minor wound the previous day, Jeanne fought on. Despite being shot in the shoulder, she did not back down, and the army would eventually drive out the English forces by the end of the day.
Themes: Victory, pride, determination

Gilles de Rais: Another simple dream, of which nothing of real importance happened. In an army camp outside of Orléans, Jeanne can be seen talking to a man. She seems much more relaxed, a far cry from the warrior seen in her dreams of battle. They talk, they laugh... just a few quiet minutes alone with a friend.
Themes: Friendship, Camaraderie, contentment

Siege of Compiègne: Details here. This is Jeanne's final battle, and the battle in which she was captured and taken as a prisoner of war.

Vastly outnumbered and failing an attempted surprise assault, the chaos Jeanne's ranks were caught in was of a far different than the sort at Orléans. It was a chaos born of terror, knowing that they were going to be badly defeated if they did not retreat. But retreat they did... all but Jeanne, of course. She stayed behind, for it is a display of honor to be the last person to flee the battlefield, and fought against the opposing forces for as long as possible. She was eventually overwhelmed, though, and soon after surrendered.
Themes: Determination, Fear, Defeat

Time in Prison: The most depressing of the three short dreams. The dreamscape of this dream is just a single room; the prison cell in Rouen Castle where Jeanne spent the remaining months of her life. The place is filthy, as befitting most prisons in the 1400s. The single window is barred heavily, to prevent her from jumping like she did in Vermandois. And Jeanne herself? She's sitting here, completely silent. She's dressed in pathetic clothes that can barely be called rags, with shackles chained around her wrists and ankles. She, like the rest of the room, is pretty darn dirty, and there are a few cuts and bruises left untreated from past escape attempts.

Her face doesn't carry the absolute despair most prisoners have when awaiting trial and possible execution, but there is a certain numbness about her. Her faith keeps her strong, but her confinement has taken its toll on her.
Themes: Isolation, loneliness, uncertainty

Execution: As it says. The death dream that will be the trigger to waking her up if others cannot help her before then. Jeanne is taken to the center of the marketplace in Rouen by cart, still shackled, and is tied to a pillar and burned to death.
Themes: Fear, Death, acceptance

Fourth Holy Grail War: The memories played out in this dream will be hazy, because they are not Jeanne's own. These are the memories granted to her by the Holy Grail itself; she is now Ruler, the administrator of the Holy Grail War, and she has been granted memories of the past wars. The Fourth especially stands out, because that is where she sees a friend.

Gilles de Rais, now under the name of Caster, is possibly the most sadistic participant of the Fourth Holy Grail War. The memories granted to her are choppy, and play out like a badly edited movie reel. First she sees his summoning, she watches him encounter Saber multiple times as he mistakes her for Jeanne herself* **, she sees him summoning a giant horror, and finally, she sees his defeat at the hands of Saber***. She's just as much an observer to these scenes as outside parties are, so nothing can be done to affect the course of these events.
Themes: sadness, watching a friend fall

As YouTube is a jerkface and doesn't have all the clips in question, handy links/times to episodes with the scenes not available! As mentioned before, these will contain spoilers for Fate/Zero, so watch at your own discretion.

*First encounter with Saber @ 2:43-5:20
**Second encounter with Saber @ 11:30-17:35
***Last moments @ 16:00-18:45

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