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In-cast thoughts and notes

♥ = Ally ≈ = Enemy ∞ = Neutral/Unsure✔ - True Name known (Servant) ✘ - True name unknown (Servant) ⚜ - Under protection (Master)

Archer (-spoiler-) Fifth Holy Grail War

Not yet encountered.


Caster (Gilles de Rais) Fourth Holy Grail War

Oh boy. Jeanne's feelings towards him are... complicated. He was her friend, a trusted ally, and a man she looked up to in her first life. A noble knight who she quite enjoyed the company of... so to see him as he was in the Fourth War, to learn how he fell from grace and did such horrible atrocities in her name, was a serious punch to the gut. For the moment, she's not sure what her course of action should be when dealing with him in the tower, but she's not going to ignore him. For the safety of others, that's a plan she must avoid at all costs, even if it pains her to see him like this.


Caster (Tamamo-no-Mae) Moon Cell Grail War

Not yet encountered.


Hakuno Kishinami Moon Cell Grail War

Not yet encountered and won't because damn muncesting.


Illyasviel von Einzbern Fifth Holy Grail War

Not yet encountered.


Irisviel von Einzvern Fourth Holy Grail War

Master of Saber (or so she thinks). Seems like a helpful woman, from what she's been able to gather from the memories of the Fourth War given to her by the Holy Grail. All she'll be able to find out because damn muncesting (again!).

Kariya Matou Fourth Holy Grail War

Master of Berserker. He seems like a kind, helpful man. Very different than one expects from a man with such an insane Servant. This causes her to be just a bit unsure, but it's her duty to keep an eye on everyone, and he will be no exception.


Monster (Shiki Ryougi) Moon Cell Grail War

Not yet encountered.


Rider (Alexander the Great) Fourth Holy Grail War

The King of Conquerors. A great tactician, so in some ways, Jeanne can look up to him. He seems to have the right idea about how to handle the amount of Servants and Masters in the tower, and she's willing to aid him in his quest to get a temporary truce set up.


Rider (Medusa) Fifth Holy Grail War

Not yet encountered.


Ryuunosuke Uryuu Fourth Holy Grail War

Master of Caster. As a serial killer of children, Ryuunosuke deeply unsettles Jeanne, and his connection to her old friend makes her feel more than a bit uncomfortable. He's one that needs to be watched as much as possible.

Saber (Arturia Pendragon) Fourth/Fifth Holy Grail Wars

The King of Knights. Jeanne is a bit put off because of the differences in appearance and mannerisms between this version of Saber and the one from the memories the Grail gave her, but she can still tell that the woman's knightly demeanor is still there. She's a bit wary, due to how firmly Saber believes that there will be a new Grail War in the tower, and the fierce determination to win that she's already showing. Might be another one to watch out for.


Saber (Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus) Moon Cell Grail War

??? Not sure what to make of this Saber. She seems nice enough, but Jeanne still knows little to nothing about her.


Shirou Emiya Fifth Holy Grail War

Not yet encountered.


Waver Velvet Fourth Holy Grail War

Master of Rider. Seems like a good enough kid. Nothing to worry about here.

Rin Matou Fifth Holy Grail War

Master of Lancer. Jeanne's honestly not sure what to make of this one. The strange tainted feeling surrounding her makes her uneasy, though.

Ayaka Sajyou Fifth(?) Holy Grail War

Not yet encountered.


Lancer (Cu Chulainn) Fifth(?) Holy Grail War

The Hound of Ulster. Jeanne's perception of him is justifiably soured thanks to the foul things he did while in her body during the experiment in September. She will refuse to interact with him in any way, unless her duty demands it.

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